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  • CCAM-2019- 3 (PDF): Effectiveness and robustness revisited for an SIF preconditioning technique
    by Zixing Xin, Jianlin Xia, Stephen Cauley, and Venkataramanan Balakrishnan
  • CCAM-2019- 1 (PDF): Analytical low-rank compression via proxy point selection
    by Xin Ye, Jianlin Xia, and Lexing Ying


  • CCAM-2018- 3 (PDF): Fast factorization update for general elliptic equations under multiple coefficient updates
    by Xiao Liu, Jianlin Xia, and Maarten de Hoop
  • CCAM-2018- 2 (PDF): Fast structured Jacobi-Jacobi transforms
    by Jie Shen, Yingwei Wang, and Jianlin Xia
    Math. Comp.


  • CCAM-2017- 2 (PDF): Asymptotic-preserving and positivity-preserving implicit-explicit schemes for the stiff BGK equation
    by Jingwei Hu, Ruiwen Shu, and Xiangxiong Zhang
    submitted to SINUM
  • CCAM-2017- 1 (PDF): Effective and robust preconditioning of general SPD matrices via structured incomplete factorization
    by Jianlin Xia and Zixing Xin


  • CCAM-2016- 7 (PDF): Error estimates for time discretizations of Cahn-Hilliard and Allen-Cahn phase-field models for two-phase incompressible flows
    by Yongyong Cai, Heejun Choi and Jie Shen
    Submitted to Numer. Math.
  • CCAM-2016- 8 (PDF): A stable scheme and its convergence analysis for a $2D$ dynamic Q-tensor model of nematic liquid crystals
    by Yongyong Cai, Jie Shen and Xiang Xu
    Submitted to M3AS
  • CCAM-2016- 9 (PDF): Approximations on $SO(3)$ by Wigner D-matrix and applications
    by Jie Shen, Jie Xu and Pingwen Zhang
  • CCAM-2016-10 (PDF): Solving tempered fractional differential equations on unbounded domains using generalized Laguerre functions
    by Sheng Chen, Jie Shen and Li-Lian Wang
    Submitted to J. Sci. Comput.
  • CCAM-2016-11 Numerical (PDF): Approximations for a three components Cahn-Hilliard phase-field Model based on the Invariant Energy Quadratization method
    by Xiaofeng Yang, Jia Zhao, Qi Wang and Jie Shen
    Submitted to M3AS
  • CCAM-2016-6 (PDF): Multi-layer hierarchical structures and factorizations
    by Jianlin Xia
    Submitted to SIAM J. Matrix Anal. Appl.
  • CCAM-2016-4 (PDF): A fast contour-integral eigensolver for non-Hermitian matrices
    by Xin Ye, Jianlin Xia, Raymond Chan, Stephen Cauley, and Venkataramanan Balakrishnan
    Submitted to SIAM J. Matrix Anal. Appl.
  • CCAM-2016-1 (PDF): On the stability of some hierarchical rank structured matrix algorithms
    by Yuanzhe Xi and Jianlin Xia
    SIAM J. Matrix Anal. Appl., 37 (2016), pp. 1279-1303.
  • CCAM-2016- 2 (PDF): Bound-preserving high order schemes
    by Zhengfu Xu and Xiangxiong Zhang
    Handbook on Numerical Methods for Hyperbolic Problems, North-Holland / Elsevier
  • CCAM-2016- 5 (PDF): A distributed-memory randomized structured multifrontal method for sparse direct solutions
    by Zixing Xin, Jianlin Xia, M. V. de Hoop, S. Cauley, and V. Balakrishnan
    SIAM J. Sci. Comput., to appear
  • CCAM-2016- 3 (PDF): On positivity-preserving high order discontinuous Galerkin schemes for compressible Navier-Stokes equations
    by Xiangxiong Zhang
    Journal of Computational Physics, 328 (2017): 301–343.