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Jie Shen wins College of Science Inaugural Research Award


The Department of Mathematics faculty received significant honors and awards in the spring semester.

Prof. Johnny E. Brown was voted “Best Professor” by readers of The Exponent in the newspaper’s 2013 Readers’ Choice Awards feature. While popular with the students, Brown has published numerous papers, was a Charles B. Murphy Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award-winner and heads the graduate program for Mathematics. In 1990, he became the department’s first African-American full professor.

On May 2, Prof. Jie Shen was among the first to receive a College of Science Inaugural Research Award. Shen was chosen in recognition of his outstanding research in phase-field models and simulations for multiphase complex fluids. Shen presented recent work, which pays particular attention to the development of models valid for problems with large density ratios and obey an energy dissipation law.

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