Lunch Seminars

Spring 2017

Date Location Speaker Title
1/27/2017 11:30AM at REC 114 Dr. Nam-Yong Lee, Inje University, Korea Deconvolution Based Attenuation Correction and Image Reconstruction for Time-of-Flight Positron Emission
2/10/2017 11:30AM at REC 114 Professor Sabre Kais, Purdue University Electronic Structure Calculations and the Ising Machine
2/17/2017 11:30AM at REC 114 Professor Hector Gomez, Purdue University Computational Phase-Field Modeling
2/24/2017 11:30AM at REC 114 Shallow Water Theory Two-Fluid Model past the Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability
3/10/2017 11:30AM at REC 114 Dr. Yongyong Cai, Beijing Computational Science Research Center Numerical methods for the nonlinear Dirac equation in the non-relativistic limit regime
3/31/2017 11:30AM at REC 114 Jianwei Xiao, UC Berkeley Randomized QR factorization with column pivoting
4/7/2017 11:30AM at REC 114 Yuwei Fan, Stanford Entropy monotonic spectral method for Boltzmann equation
4/28/2017 11:30AM at REC 114 Prof. Vaneet Aggarwal, Purdue University Deterministic Sampling Conditions for Tensor Completion