Lunch Seminars

Fall 2018

Date Location Speaker Title
8/24/2018 11:30AM at UNIV 201 Beichuan Deng, Purdue University Superconvergence points of the spectral interpolations for Riemann-Liouville and Riesz fractional derivatives.
8/31/2018 11:30AM at UNIV 201 Dr. Jie Xu, Purdue University Computing optimal interfacial structure of modulated phases
9/7/2018 11:30AM at UNIV 201 Prof. Jie Shen, Purdue University A new and robust approach to construct energy stable schemes for gradient flows
9/21/2018 11:30AM at UNIV 201 Dr. Shenghao Li, Purdue Hexagonal standing wave patterns of a two-dimensional Boussinesq system
9/28/2018 11:30AM at UNIV 201 Prof. Weizhu Bao, National University of Singapore Modeling and Simulation for Solid-State Dewetting Problems
10/5/2018 11:30AM at UNIV 201 Prof. Yexiang Xue, Purdue University Combining Reasoning and Learning for Data Science and Decision Making: Integrating Concepts from AI, Sustainability, and Scientific Discovery
10/12/2018 11:30AM at UNIV 201 Prof. Zhengjian Bai, Xiamen University A Riemannian Newton-CG method for constructing a nonnegative matrix with prescribed realizable spectrum
11/9/2018 11:30AM at UNIV 201 Prof. Nathan Kutz, University of Washington Networked dynamical systems for function and learning: Paradigms for data-driven control and learning in neurosensory systems