Lunch Seminars

Spring 2019

Date Location Speaker Title
2/8/2019 11:30AM at REC 307 Yanghui Liu, Purdue University Anticipative Nonlinear Filtering
2/15/2019 11:30AM at REC 307 Prof. Isaac Harris, Purdue University An Introduction to Qualitative Inverse Scattering
4/5/2019 11:30AM at REC 307 Prof. Olivier Goubet, Universite de Picardie Jules Verne Decay of Solutions to A Water Wave Model with A Nonlocal Viscous Term
4/19/2019 11:30AM at REC 307 Prof. Tom Manteuffel, University of Colorado Boulder A Least-Squares approach to Two-Fluid, Electromagnetic Plasma
4/26/2019 11:30AM at REC 307 Prof. Raghu Pasupathy, Purdue University Stochastic Gradient Descent