Automated Modeling with FEniCS

4:30PM at UNIV 103
Ridgway Scott, University of Chicago
Automated Modeling with FEniCS

The FEniCS Project develops both fundamental software components and end-user codes to automate numerical solution of partial differential equations (PDEs). FEniCS enables users to translate scientific models quickly into efficient finite element code and also offers powerful capabilities for more experienced programmers.

FEniCS uses the variational formulation of PDEs as a language to define models. We will explain the variational formulations for simple problems and then show how they can be extended to simulate fluid flow. The variational formulation also provides a firm theoretical foundation for understanding PDEs. We argue that combining the theory with practical coding provides a way to teach PDEs and associated modeling without requiring extensive mathematical prerequisites. As proof, this talk will require no background in PDEs or finite elements, only multi-variate calculus.