Colloquiums and Seminars

Fall 2018

Date Location Speaker Title
8/27/2018 4:30PM at REC 114 Dr. Kailiang Wu, Ohio State University Positivity-preserving methods for ideal magnetohydrodynamics
9/17/2018 4:30PM at REC 114 Prof. Rongjie Lai , Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Understanding manifold-structure data via geometric modeling and learning.
9/24/2018 4:30PM at REC 114 Prof. Jesse Chan, Rice University Entropy stable high order discontinuous Galerkin methods for nonlinear conservation laws
10/1/2018 4:30PM at REC 114 Prof. Hongguo Xu, University of Kansas Title: Linear port-Hamiltonian DAE systems
10/15/2018 4:30PM at REC 114 Prof. Xiaoming He, Missouri University of Science and Technology Dual-porosity-Stokes model for coupling dual-porosity flow and free flow
10/22/2018 4:30PM at REC 114 Prof. Jack Xin, Univ. of California, Irvine Blended Coarse Gradient Descent for Full Quantization of Deep Neural Networks
10/29/2018 4:30PM at REC 114 Prof. Mimi Dai , University of Illinois, Chicago Kolmogorov's conjecture and fluid equations
11/5/2018 4:30PM at REC 114 Prof. Lorenzo Pareschi, University of Ferrara Multiscale control variate methods for kinetic equations with random inputs
11/19/2018 4:30PM at REC 114 Prof. Kuang-Yao Lee, Temple University Recent developments of linear operator-based statistical analysis
11/26/2018 4:30PM at REC 114 Prof. Casey Diekman, New Jersey Institute of Technology Mathematical Modeling of Circadian Rhythms: Gene Expression, Membrane Excitability, and Jet Lag
11/30/2018 4:30PM at LWSN 1142 Wolfgang Dahmen, University of South Carolina How to Control Accuracy - the Merit of Residuals
12/3/2018 4:30PM at REC 114 Prof. Shuwang Li, Illinois Institute of Technology Dynamics of a multicomponent vesicle in Stokes flow