Colloquiums and Seminars

Fall 2017

Date Location Speaker Title
8/28/2017 4:30PM at UNIV 103 Prof. Jinqiao Duan, Illinois Institute of Technology Deterministic Methods for Stochastic Dynamics
9/11/2017 4:30PM at LWSN 1142 Prof. Jan S Hesthaven, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland Reduced order modeling for parametrized PDEs
9/18/2017 4:30PM at UNIV 103 Prof. Eduard Kirr, UIUC Large Coherent States in Nonlinear Wave Equations and their Bifurcations
10/2/2017 4:30PM at UNIV 103 Jiguang Sun, Michigan Technological University Spectral Indicator Method with Cayley Transformation for Eigenvalue Problems
10/16/2017 4:30PM at UNIV 103 Dr. Danial Zack Turner, Center for Computing Research, Sandia National Laboratory How Nonlocal Formulations are Changing the Modeling and Simulation Landscape at Sandia National Laboratories
10/23/2017 4:30PM at UNIV 103 Dr. Aihua Wood, Air Force Institute of Technology TBD
10/30/2017 4:30PM at UNIV 103 Prof. Xiaochuan Cai, Univ. of Colorado at Boulder TBD
11/6/2017 4:30PM at UNIV 103 Scott Ridgway, University of Chicago TBD
11/13/2017 4:30PM at UNIV 103 Dr. Wen Huang, Rice University. Blind deconvolution by Optimizing over a Quotient Manifold
11/20/2017 4:30PM at UNIV 103 Yunan Yang , University of Texas at Austin TBD
11/27/2017 4:30PM at UNIV 103 Dr. Xiu Yang, Pacific Northwest National Lab Alternating direction method for enhancing sparsity of the representation of uncertainty
12/4/2017 4:30PM at UNIV 103 Prof. Padmanabhan Seshaiyer , National Science Foundation TBD