Colloquiums and Seminars

Spring 2017

Date Location Speaker Title
1/23/2017 4:30PM at BRNG 1230 Professor Howard Elman, University of Maryland Efficient Computational Methods for Parameter-Dependent Partial Differential Equations
1/30/2017 4:30PM at BRNG 1230 Sara Pollock, Wright State University Pseudo-Time Adaptive Regularization for Solution-Dependent Diffusion
2/20/2017 4:30PM at BRNG 1230 Yanzhao Cao, Auburn University Analysis and Numerical Methods for Fluid Flows in Poroelastic Media
3/6/2017 4:30PM at BRNG 1230 Professor Christian Klingenberg, Wurzburg University, Germany The compressible Euler equations with gravity: well-balanced schemes and all Mach number solvers
3/20/2017 4:30PM at BRNG 1230 Dr. John Glasser, The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Identifying Optimal Vaccination Strategies for Eliminating Measles and Controlling Rubella in China
3/27/2017 4:30PM at BRNG 1230 Professor Lieven Vandenberghe, UCLA Sparsity and decomposition in semidefinite optimization.
4/3/2017 4:30PM at LWSN 1142 Sir John Macleod Ball, Oxford University Some recent mathematical developments in liquid crystals
4/10/2017 4:30PM at BRNG 1230 Jichun Li, UNLV Invisibility Cloaks: Mathematical and Numerical Analysis, and Simulations
4/17/2017 4:30PM at BRNG 1230 Dr. Jorge Velasco-Hernandez, National University of Mexico TBA
4/24/2017 4:30PM at BRNG 1230 Dr. Michael Parks, Sandia National Laboratory Computational and Mathematical Aspects of Nonlocal Models
5/1/2017 4:30PM at BRNG 1230 Prof. Kyle T. Mandli, Columbia University Computational Methods for Storm Surge Modeling