Colloquiums and Seminars

Spring 2019

Date Location Speaker Title
2/11/2019 3:30PM at LWSN 1142 Prof. Peter W. Glynn, Stanford University Non-stationary Markov Processes: Approximations and Numerical Methods
2/11/2019 4:30PM at LWSN 1142 Prof. Jinchao Xu, Penn State University Deep Neural Network and Multigrid
3/4/2019 4:30PM at REC 113 Prof. Jingmei Qiu, University of Delaware TBA
3/18/2019 4:30PM at REC 113 Prof. Wenrui Hao, Penn State University. TBA
3/25/2019 4:30PM at REC 113 Prof. Ricardo Cortez, Tulane University TBA
4/8/2019 4:30PM at REC 113 Prof. Daniele Venturi, University of California, Santa Cruz TBA
4/15/2019 4:30PM at REC 113 Andrea Bonito, Texas A&M University TBA
4/22/2019 4:30PM at REC 113 Mark Ainsworth, Brown University TBA