The Center for Computational and Applied Mathematics (CCAM) offers a comprehensive graduate educational and research program in applied and computational mathematics. CCAM promotes both fundamental research and scientific and engineering applications. You can find more information on our Research Groups page.

At CCAM graduate students explore an interdisciplinary research environment encompassing materials science and nanotechnology,life sciences, geosciences, inverse problems and imaging, fluid dynamics, and other disciplines.


Upcoming Events
Professor Roger Temam (Indiana University)
Date and Time: 11/7/2016 4:30PM
Title: Modeling Multiphase Problems of the Humid Atmosphere
Yuanzhe Xi (University of Minnesota)
Date and Time: 11/11/2016 11:30AM
Title: TBA
Professor Bjorn Enquist (University of Texas at Austin)
Date and Time: 11/14/2016 4:30PM
Title: TBA